What People Say

Lisa is a talented professional. Not only is she an accurate and honest reader BUT SHE HAS A TRUE GIFT.


Lisa is beyond amazing. I have had readings going on fifty years (around the world) and have never encountered a real intuitive until today. 
It was suggested that I make a list of questions to be used at the end of our phone session. I never used it. She went down the line and addressed all my points. In one case, she referred to a friend using his first and middle name. I was speechless - not a simple name either. It only begins there. She was in touch with the other side and made points about things no one ever knew. Going forward, I will plan a reading with Lisa twice a year. Not to be missed. I've come away from his reading more balanced than when I entered. Thanks Lisa, your the best! Rickie


Lisa is an amazing healer to work with! Spot on mediumship. She's very ethical and connected to spirit. I'm so grateful for her channeled messages as they have affirmed my faith and connection to God/Divine. I have seen her two times and consider this to be a beautiful part of my healing. Thank you Lisa! Give yourself a gift -- book a reading today! Incredible!

Kelly G. (​May 2019)

 Hi Lisa- thank you so much, we all felt both amazed and peaceful when we left your home!  You certainly have a wonderful gift and we can’t thank you enough for sharing it with us.
I thought I would “validate “ something you brought up immediately after we started our reading. Although I know you said once you’re “done” you don’t really remember what came through for us. But we did clarify the boat/ drowning you mentioned at the very start. You said it was something that had come to you even before our arrival. You also asked about a man that served. Well my dad was in Merchant Marine WW2- he served on an oil tanker that was torpedoed. He was adrift in the ocean for 8 days until rescue. You also mentioned someone being burn, possibly by hot water. When his ship was sinking, my dad had to swim through the ocean water that was literally on fire because of the oil, and his hands and eyes were “burned”. He was treated after rescue for those burns and thankfully suffered no long term effects.
Again, another amazing validation for us all that those we love who have passed are always around us. The comfort in that will last our lifetimes.
Thank you again,
Al, Joan and Jen (May 2019)

I've met with Lisa twice now and have been grateful for her gift each time and have appreciated how it's impacted my life.  Such a nice peaceful setting to hear from our spirit guides.  Lisa is very professional and puts you right at ease.  I will continue to seek her guidance in the future too.  

Julie L. ​(January 2018)

"Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that both me and my mom were so incredibly impressed with you at our reading!  We had such a great time with you and our family!  We could not have asked for more. You were so accurate in your descriptions and that was just awesome.  We can't wait to do this again!  And that not as "if we do this again" it's a "when we do this again".I have also given your name to many people in my area. So don't be surprised to be getting some interest from out here all of a sudden." 

-Nicole (November 2017)

"We appreciate you and your incredible talents, Lisa!  Thank you so much for giving my mother closure after over 30 years of grieving for her mother!  We will be talking soon I'm sure! Have a great summer!"

-Nicole (May 2015)

"I just wanted to thank you again for doing such a phenomenal job channeling my loved ones and delivering the most incredible messages yesterday--my heart is overflowing with love and joy and I am still in awe of how powerful an experience it was. You are such a gem and blessing on this Earth, and I am grateful to have crossed paths with you. You have such an extraordinary gift--thank you for making my first experience with a Medium such an amazing one! I will recommend you to all and will definitely be back to see you sometime in the future!"

- LIz S.(January 2018)

"Hi Lisa,  I really enjoyed my reading and a lot made sense to me!  You have a God given talent and I am so glad you are helping other people with it by doing readings. It's just amazing!  The front room you did the readings was perfect. I don't think there is anything I would have wanted done different.  I have given your name and number to a lot of people interested In having a reading also.  I know I will be back in the near future to hear more.  Thank you for taking your time to do readings."  Michelle Lee (June 2016)

"I have seen Lisa two times now. My aunt, my mom and my neighbor have also seen Lisa.  I was not really sure what to think before I went. Lisa knew so many things that no one would know. My dad just passed away in March.  Lisa shared some things that were just unbelievable. You leave with such a peace of mind. I would highly recommend visiting Lisa. She truly has a gift and we are so lucky to have her share it with all of us!  Lisa has knowledge of people who have passed and things in the future!!  I cannot wait to go back!!  Thanks Lisa!!"

-Tammy B. (February 2017)

"My experience with Lisa was absolutely wonderful! When I first arrived, Lisa explained to me how she came to acknowledge her gift and what her intentions are for each reading. She reassured me that we were both protected under God & the angels and that she asked for only positive energy. I was able to connect with my loved ones who have crossed over, even some that I never got to know here in the physical world. Lisa touched on so many different topics and reassured me that my loved ones were protecting me and looking out for me everyday. She was able to explain reasoning behind my daily struggles (including why I don't have a boyfriend!) and each and every one of her validations were accurate and spot on. She helped clarify that my loved ones were safe and at peace on the other side. She delivered specific messages from my loved ones and was able to connect with the spirits that I wanted to speak with. I was amazed at her work. She set aside time for me to ask questions and made sure that I understood what was going on at all times. I highly recommend Lisa if you're looking for healing, or even just to reconnect with loved ones who are no longer with us. I was amazed at her work! My reading was life changing. I will definitely be visiting Lisa again!"

- Olivia R. (May 2014)

"In only one visit Lisa was able to gather information that only me and my family members would have known about.  As she reveled her findings to me my hair on my arms raised! There was such a peaceful and happy experience nothing scary at all only the comfort of someone that has a blessed gift to help merge the space between here and the afterlife. This is not my first time but with others they were not able to achieve proof that Lisa was able to gift me. If you are seeking answers or comfort I could not recommend Lisa high enough! Peace."

–Cindie S. (January 2012)

"I lost my bestfriend and boyfriend of almost two years in December. I had never been to a medium before and was really struggling with his sudden death and the finality of it all. I contacted Lisa and when I went to see her I was absolutely in awe! Lisa asked if I was nervous and I said I wasn't.  She said that someone with us was. He was there with us, he asked me why it took me so long? I cried and laughed it was truly amazing to learn about the otherside from him and have him tell me how much he loved me. Lisa gave so much validation that is was truly him and when I showed her a picture she let out a laugh because he was who she saw. Having Lisa connect with my boyfriend has been a great relief, it has given me alot more closure and reassurance that he is always around my children and me.  I have great respect for what Lisa does and if you have an open mind it is a great experience that you will never forget.  I really appreciate everything she has done and will be seeing her again in the future".

- Lisa M. (March 2015)

"To those considering the use of a “medium” for personal insight or to add closure to a past event, Lisa Crouse will help you. Lisa is a lovely person with the ability to help you connect…not only with those who have “crossed to the other side” but also to help you visualize your future. I have had several readings with Lisa and she has connected with my departed Father, Mother and Sister. This has brought closure to events that occurred many years ago. I can now take comfort in knowing my loved ones are happy and forgiving. For those of you that are skeptical of “mediums,” Lisa has a gentle, patient manner to dissolve any fears. You will be astonished at the results of her interaction with the “spirits” of those you love who are no longer with you. I recommend Lisa without reservation. She is a loving and caring woman."

- Dennis T (September 2011)

"I highly recommend setting up a reading with Lisa! She is wonderful! This was my first reading ever, and it will definitely be a day I will always remember! She connected to loved ones I wished to hear from, and all info she gave me was incredible! Not only did I receive touching messages, but she also gave me reassurance of my purpose in life, and it made me view the life we are given so much differently! I have had numerous friends and family that have gone to see her and ALL of them were absolutely blown away by her accuracy and ability to connect with ones who are no longer with us. Lisa is so welcoming and friendly, and makes you feel extremely comfortable. She has such a beautiful passion for this gift she has, and every reading she does, you can tell, comes from her heart! She answers any and all questions you may have, and is very honest and up front! I highly recommend setting up a reading with her, regardless of what your views way be! She is absolutely wonderful! You will definitely feel at ease and satisfied after walking out the door!"

- Andrea R. (January 2016)

"Lisa has the special gift of being able to connect with our loved ones who have left the physical world. In her readings ,Lisa always starts with a valadation, something no one would know about you. Having had several readings with Lisa, I HIGHLY recommend her. She has a very gentle and loving approach in her readings. It is a wonderful experience and I truly feel everyone would bennefit having a reading from Lisa."

- Ruth C. (September 2011)

"Lisa is a truly gifted psychic medium. During my reading, she was able to tune in to my grandfather's spirit and gave me clear and specific messages from him.  The information she provided was very accurate and detailed and I knew that she was really connecting with him.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to connect with loved ones that have passed."

- JK  (June 2012)

"I sessioned with lisa earlier this spring upon hearing raves about she and her work from a friend. scheduling with lisa was convenient and straightforward. upon meeting with lisa in person her calming nature yet professional manner demonstrated to me her unique and effective approach to using and sharing her tremedous gifts with others and the world. she provided me with information regarding her personal and professional background, her previous work, her spiritual philosophy, and her approach to working as a seer and a medium. in addition, she also provided me with a written document of her "findings" upon channeling my name prior to our appointment; this document was mine to keep for reference and reflection. during our meeting, Lisa took time to answer my questions, provide feedback, professional guidance, and spiritual direction based on her channeling abilities. i had a wonderfully revealing and inspiring session with her and have recommended her to friends and family enthusiastically.  interestingly enough, i also informed lisa that a very specific work-related opportunity which she spoke to me about during our sessioin revealed itself to me just this week; lisa responded immediately that she shared in my joy parallely. i can't speak positively enough about lisa and her work and recommend her wholeheartedly."

- Douglas S. (April 2011)

"I have been to see Lisa Crouse three times now. My mom and I have had two medium readings and I have had a psychic reading. I have nothing but great things to say about her. Last year when my mom and I went to her we had a medium reading and this reading was very important to us because of what we were going through. My mom was having some health problems and was going to the Mayo Clinic for awhile to get treatment. Lisa came to our house before she left for the Mayo. Lisa personally made me feel at ease with what my mom was about to go through. She connected with a lot of our loved ones that had passed. Lisa connected with my moms dad and I know that this was one person my mom wanted to connect with, it made my mom feel so much better about his passing. This past week my mom and I went to Lisa's house for a reading and it was amazing. When getting a reading from Lisa she makes the reading so personal and you can tell that she cares. My mom and I felt so comfortable with her and we wouldn't of wanted it to be any other way. Yesterday I went and had a psychic reading and it was just what I needed. I felt as if I didn't know what my calling was in life and what I was doing with my life. Lisa made me feel like I was here for a reason. She helped me figure out what I will be doing in the future and all about my family life. One thing that Lisa hit home on was that I need to start focusing on myself and making myself happy. I had never had someone tell me that I need to do that because I was always striving to make others happy and not myself. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me. All I can say is thank you so much Lisa, you truly are a great psychic and medium!"

- Ashley H. (August 2014)