What should I expect in a private session?

When I open the line of communication, I can’t guarantee that you will hear from any specific person. If there is someone you really need to make contact with, they almost always show up, but perhaps not first. Frequently, Spirit will send in a communicator who is someone you haven’t thought of in a long time, just to prove to you that this is REAL, before allowing the gate to open with the one you really want to hear from. 

I don't always get a name from the communicator. Sometimes it is just a letter or sound. (example, “I hear the name David or Dan”)  Other evidence of their personality, life situation or facts can prove their identity to you.  Sessions are focused on evidence to prove the survival of the Soul, and believe me, they know enough about earthly life to "guide" you. 

Sessions do not include predictions or any type of medical diagnosis. Sometimes a Spirit communicator will suggest you take better care of your health, see a doctor, or express an opinion about a relationship you are in. Please keep in mind, this is their way of acknowledging they see what's going on currently.  You are always in control of your life and how you choose to live it.  If your loved ones didn’t have all the answers when they were alive, please don’t expect them to have them all now. A session should be for the purpose of healing grief and expanding your knowledge of our eternal connections.

How do you communicate with my loved ones? Can you see and hear them?
The energy or soul of your loved ones enters my aura, or energy field, and there is a blending of our energies. They are then able to impress upon me their physical feelings, emotions, memories and “speak” to me telepathically.  I do not see a ghostly apparition in the room; the communication takes place by mental telepathy.  When they “speak” it is a thought that enters my mind, and I “see” them as an image in my mind.

What's the difference between a psychic and a medium? Can you predict my future?
A person who is psychic can tap into your energy and present you with information about your past, present, and probabilities for the future. A medium receives information psychically and can sense and communicate with the energy of souls who have gone through the change called death. All of my intuitive faculties are used during a session, including feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting information from your loved ones. I also just know things, which is called claircognizance. It’s as if someone just inserts information into my head, suddenly, it’s just there. As a medium, my job is to assist the living and those in Spirit by translating their communication to prove that life exists beyond the death of the body. I do not give predictions, medical diagnosis or fortune telling. Mediumship is for healing grief and expanding your own awareness of the eternal nature of the soul.

Can you guarantee a connection with a specific person in Spirit?
Your loved ones in Spirit are just as eager to communicate with you as you are with them. However, I am only a telephone line, in a sense. I can make the connection for you to the world of Spirit but I cannot force anyone to answer the phone. Frequently, you will hear from an unexpected Spirit before you are able to connect with the one person you hope to hear from. It is imperative to validate these souls and their messages to move on in the session and connect with the one you want to communicate with. I can not, nor can any medium, make any type of guarantee about who will come to communicate or what type of evidence they will give to identify themselves. You must come into the session with an open mind and heart, knowing that the souls who wish to communicate with you are there for an important reason.

What happens to suicides?
My experiences tell me this is a case to case situation. There is no set "afterlife" reserved for someone who takes their own life on purpose or ends it accidentally. I have had those in Spirit come through me to their families with messages of deep remorse for their actions. I have also had some come through to let their families know that they are so much better now, with no regrets and they simply did not possess the faculties to cope happily here on earth. My advice is to release judgment and blaming for these situations.  Each person is on his or her own path in life, and we must show respect and compassion for every soul. People who choose to end their lives are always offered loving assistance as they enter the world of Spirit. 

I would like to strongly make the point that I have never connected with anyone in Spirit who was stuck or "in limbo.” The soul experiences a peaceful healing of mind, body and emotion at the time of their passing. This means that those souls who struggled to find acceptance, balance or love here on earth are given new opportunities in the afterlife to make peace with themselves and continue their growth.  

How do I book an appointment?
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