I have made significant investments traveling nationally and abroad to train with some of the worlds best Mediums, and many from the Arthur Findley College in Stansted, England.  This training has helped me to rapidly develop, bringing more clarity for my clients and strengthening my connection with Spirit. An integral part of developing is to continually perform sessions, most of which to date have come by word of mouth referrals.



‚ÄčBestowed upon me, is the ability to help others and change their lives in a positive meaningful way.

My name is Lisa Crouse and I'm a Psychic/Medium.  I have been connecting with Spirit since I was a young child.  As I grew older, my life experiences and challenges helped me realize how much I wanted to help other people heal and find peace.  With that intent, my Spiritual passions increased.  Spirit has been constantly guiding and directing me to help me be the "vessel" to connect others' to their loved one's.  We all have our own journey to follow and we all have our own lives to lead, but together, we can always share our love to help someone else in need.

About 29 years ago I took a serious interest in this ability, being very interested in the Spirit world and what they were trying to tell me and deeply researching the subject. After life changing events a few years ago I finally began devoting my time and attention to developing my ability and providing profound experiences for others in the form of intuitive medium readings. Many pivotal experiences have helped me realize this ability I have and that this is truly my calling in life, bestowed upon me to help others and change their lives in a positive meaningful way.    

I am extremely blessed and honored to be able to be of service to Spirit.  My wish for everyone I come in contact with is that they will find peace and closure with their loved ones, even if they are not present in this physical world.